1. Choose a bag style
Customers can send the bag design as a picture, sketch or real piece of work.
We will have a team of comprehensive consultation, design, fabric selection, logo and artwork.
2. Bid And Produce Sample
After we have summed up all the bag styles and details from customers.
We will inform the customer to quote the price.

When the customer has confirmed the price We will produce a sample of the bag for customers to check
and the customer can modify the design at this stage.
3. Payment
After the customer has approved We will inform the customer about payment details.
4. Production process
After the customer validates and confirms the sample
We will start production as soon as it takes about 30-45 days to produce.
The time may vary depending on the workflow of each production period.
If customers want to use it urgently Please inform the company in advance.
5. Shipment
We offer free delivery to customers in Bangkok and its vicinity.
As for customers in different provinces We will charge the actual shipping fee.
5 steps to order a bag

We are a manufacturer of all kinds of bags. If you want to order a bag We can produce bags for you of all types, sizes, and materials.
You can visit the website in the bag gallery section for an idea of ​​choosing a bag.
But if you have a bag as a real example or a picture, our company has a team to take care of every customer in every step.
Welcome to consult for information. You can contact us here.
Sale Tel: 0863224942 Office Tel 034 466 353, 034 466 354
If you are convenient, leave a message for our team to contact you back at
Line ID: cpn.sale3 Email: cpn.sale3@gmail.com
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