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What does C.P.N. Marketing Produce?

  1. A group of shoulder bags, such as a double-single strap backpack.

  2. A group of shoulder bags, such as tote bags (cloth bag), shopping bag and messenger bag.

  3. A group of Fanny Bags, such as chest bag and waist bag.

  4. A group of Office bags, such as document bags, laptop bag and pencil bag.

  5. A group of luggage bags, such as drag bag, wheel bag, Reinforced hiking backpack and waterproof bag.

  6. A group of sport bags, such as shoes bag and sports bag.

  7. A group of organizing bags, such as garment bag, mattress bag, Toiletry Bag and cosmetic bag.

  8. A group of technician equipment bag such as tool bag, tape measure bag and waist tool kit bag.

  9. A group of banquet gifts and various ceremonies, such as gift bag and staff giveaway bags.

  10. A group of food & drink bags, such as water bottle bag and Insulated food storage bag.

  11. A group of premium bags, such as Custom designed bags for customers and Premium grade leather bags.

  12. A group of miscellaneous bags, such as Food delivery bags all size, Foam packing bag, fireproof material bag, suit bag, camera bag and cloth book cover.

  13. A group of foldable bags.

  14. A group of special designed bags.

Can you put a logo on it?

Can be attached with free design service.

The time of period after the order is completed until ready to ship.

Starting at 5 weeks.

After the production order is complete, Can I change the bag design?

Can be paused and if you need to fix, it will depend on the assessment of the parties involved.

How to start a production order?

  1. Prepare product samples.

  2. Quantity to be produced.

  3. Time of period to receive the product.

  4. Initial budgets, so that we can find materials that fit the budget.

What are the samples of products that need to be prepared?

  1. Real product sample.

  2. Picture of product.

  3. Figure skating of product.

How can real product samples be brought to us ?

  1. Samples product can be brought to our company.

  2. Send the parcel by means of transport.

What kind of images must be the samples of an image ?

Recommended, there should be images of every possible part to make the appraisal faster preliminary as follows:

  1. External such as front, back, bottom and sides.

  2. All inside of product.

  3. Cables and connectors.

  4. Open-close positions, such as zip, buttons, magnetic buttons or drawstring.

  5. Various compartment positions, such as document compartment, Mobile compartment, Business card slots, pen slots, etc.

  6. If there is a special add-on coming out, you can add picture.

An example of a sketch image should be what kind of image ?

Recommend the same as the picture. There should be images of every possible part. to make the appraisal faster and specify the distance in the picture.

There is a minimum production quantity ?

Starting at 300 piece and up.

After the production order is complete, Can I change the bag design ?

So that we can make a preliminary estimate whether it can produce according to your schedule or not. Because the difficulty of each product takes different time.

How long valuation period?

Starting at 1 week.



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